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Benefits: why work with Asco?

The benefits that Asco brings to its customers include:

Customer proximity

Being UK based we are close to the customer in order to discuss any new developments. We can sit together to cover the scope and scale of any opportunities as well as covering all technical aspects. However, if you wish, we will take you to our factory to meet with the production team. This may be a good opportunity to enjoy a holiday and enjoy the delights of North India.

Quality assurance

Being BSI approved to ISO9001, we are fully aware of the rigorous quality requirements demanded by customers.

Competitive pricing

Having our manufacturing facilities are in India, means that we bring competitive prices directly to you.

Optimal sourcing

Since we have regular deliveries coming into us, customers are able to order smaller batch quantities and not have to order huge quantities just to keep transport costs low.

No hassle of importation

The price we quote are door delivered to your warehouse. So you do not have to worry about any transportation, sea freight, importation requirements, customs or duty.

Reduced currency risk

Our quotation to you will be in your local currency thus reducing your exposure to currency risk.

Warehousing solution

With a warehousing facilities in West Midlands, we can provide customers with deliveries according to a call-off, consignment or scheduled contract. Thus customers do not need to order large batch quantities in one go.

Favourable payment terms

Asco can offer 30 day payment terms facility, subject to credit approval.

Shorten supplier list

Supplying to OEMs and SMEs, we have a breadth of product capabilities. This allows customers to buy multiple products from us, thus reducing their supplier base.

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