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Case Study 3

Offshore Platform Containers

Our customer is a manufacturer of high quality containers in the UK focusing on the offshore oil and gas industry. With a globally expanding customer base they had a requirement to stretch their manufacturing capabilities to Asia in order to reduce their production and transport costs to their Asian customers. Our customer had on a couple of occasions in the past tried to set up supply chain with Chinese ISO container manufacturers; however insufficient emphasis on quality meant that these did not resulting success.

After much due diligence, Asco Fixings presented our customer with a potential manufacturer in India who was manufacturing tipper bodies for trucks. With 200,000 sq ft factory space, in-house shot blasting and painting facilities and an abundance of qualified staff, this supplier seemed the perfect match for our customer.

A trial order was placed for one 4 ton container, which was manufactured to the customer's satisfaction. The customer was impressed enough to place a second order for 25 containers. This required close technical collaboration with the customer to get the manufacturer's welders Lloyd's Register approved, get the products and painting specifications correct, develop full material traceability, pass through testing and ensure comprehensive documentation.

Customer Benefits

Customer received a quality product

Cost saving with lower product and transport costs

Future use of a manufacturer

that has been brought up to the desired standard

No customer involvement in bureaucratic permits and paperwork

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